Wedding dresses are so different from our regular clothes, and obviously we don’t get a lot of day-to-day practice in styling our own bridal look. So what can we do to help develop our sense of style as we start with our wedding dress shopping? Of course, we look for inspiration.

Designer collections, celebrity wedding dresses, wedding shows, even photographers’ portfolios can be great sources of ideas.

As we’re browsing through the pictures of immaculately styled brides, we could pay particular attention to:

  • unique looks
  • particular elements of style, such as jewelry or hair accessories
  • what seems to look good on the brides whose body shape is similar to ours

You can do all this by yourself. How can we help? We can look at the celebrity inspiration together and ponder a few questions – like, why do these looks work, what makes the different elements of style meaningful, and exactly why it looks so flattering on those brides.

When you go to the bridal store to try on a few dresses yourself, of course, you shouldn’t expect to look like those pictures you’ve seen. You probably won’t have the right undergarments and jewelry for the dress, your makeup and hair will not be quite right, the lighting will be off, and – of course – you’re your own unique person!

Feel free to use all these disadvantages to be more critical of the dresses you try. Without much makeup on, does your skin look pale against the color of the dress? Do the dress embellishments overpower the brightness of your eyes? Will you need a heavy investment in supportive undergarments, which may or may make you uncomfortable towards the end of the day? There are too many dresses out there to ever have to settle on something that doesn’t quite work for you. Keep looking for that one dress that stands out, one that stays on your mind, one that makes you comfortable with yourself and proud of being you!