Our venue reviews:Historic Building Toronto

Note: we sorted the venues by capacity, starting with smaller and working our way up. Capacity assumes sit-down dinner affair with a dance floor (unless otherwise noted).

50-75 guests:

Campbell House (downtown, up to 50 guests)
* NEW * Old Country Inn (Unionville, 70 guests) Note: also an Affordable Venue
Estates of Sunnybrook – McLean House (mid-town, up to 72 guests)

75-100 guests:

Rosewater Room – Supper Club (downtown, up to 80 guests)
Doctor’s House – Garden Room (Kleinburg, Vaughan, up to 90 guests)
* NEW * Black Creek Pioneer Village – Victoria Room (Northern Toronto, up to 90 guests) Note: no  gratuity.
Heintzman House (Thornhill, up to 95 guests) Note: no landmark fee, no preferred suppliers.
Alderlea (Brampton, up to 95 guests)

100-150 guests:

St. Lawrence Hall (downtown, up to 130 guests) – currently closed for renovations
Doctor’s House – Heritage Room, Country Fare (Kleinburg, up to 130 and 150 guests)
Enoch Turner Schoolhouse (downtown, up to 150 guests)

150-200 guests:

Rosewater Room – Mezzanine (downtown, up to 160 guests)
* NEW * Markham Museum – Transportation Hall (Markham, up to 175 guests) Note: no landmark fee, no preferred suppliers.
* NEW * Black Creek Pioneer Village – Grand Pavilion (Northern Toronto, up to 180 guests) Note: no  gratuity.

Why select a historic landmark as your wedding venue?

Many historic and landmark buildings, private mansions and estate venues in and around Toronto are available for rent as wedding venues. These are unique venues, and your choice of one of those venues carries much symbolism.

Seeing a pile of bricks assembled into a beautiful building is always inspirational. It’s easy to find bricks, but it takes teamwork and perseverance to create something great, and it takes love and discipline to make it last. Imagine what stories a building could tell after a hundred years. And imagine what stories you could tell after a long and happy marriage!

“If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it. It becomes special because you made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.” F. Burton Howard.


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