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Our venue reviews:

Note: we sorted the venues capacity, starting with smaller and working our way up. Capacity assumes sit-down dinner affair with a dance floor (unless otherwise noted).

Capacity for 100-200 guests:

Markham Museum (Markham, 100 guests or more with a tent)
Toronto Botanical Gardens (mid-town, up to 200 guests)
Harding (formerly Holcim) Waterfront Estate (Mississauga, up to 200 guests)

Toronto and GTA have many parks and gardens, private estates, and gorgeous outdoor areas which are available for a vibrant, lush outdoor summer wedding. Wedding is a celebration of life – so, what could be a better backdrop than abundant lush greenery? What better witness than Mother Nature?

Outdoor Reception Tips:

For all their beauty, outdoor weddings come with their own, unique set of challenges. Depending on the venue, you may have to worry about extreme heat, mosquitoes, rain, and unpaved ground. In some cases, solutions to those concerns will be fairly costly. Before making your choice of the venue, scroll down to read our outdoor reception tips.

  • Because they lack built-in infrastructure of buildings, tented receptions require special coordination and can get expensive. For example, where would washroom facilities be?.. Semi-permanent installations at popular wedding venues got the logistics nailed down and will be easier to work with.
  • One most common complaint about outdoor receptions is the lack of temperature control. Summer days are too hot for formalwear. Nights get chilly in spring and fall. Buildings insulate us from these concerns. With a tent, you have to be lucky… or be prepared. Portable fans and heaters can be costly, but will make a world of a difference. This is a big topic… but we regularly share our latest ideas on weather-proofing your wedding in our blog.
  • Another common complaint is the soft lawn ground. While it would be great for jogging, we’re not jogging out there. High heels and long dresses can get ruined… Chairs and tables can sink in and tilt… And that even before it starts to rain. For these reasons, installed floors are a must.
  • Outdoors is egalitarian… mosquitoes, bees and other insects will think they were invited to the party. The venue should be able to advise what they do to keep these unwanted guests out.
  • Your set-up will have to take into account the open-air nature of the environment. Beautifully designed programs will have to be secured by equally beautiful paperweights, decorations will have to be wind-proofed, and open fire will be carefully contained.
  • With tents, safety is paramount. Some tents can be unsafe in high winds or a storm.


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