First, let me be clear about something.
The most special thing about your wedding, the one that sets it apart from
all the other weddings your friends have been to – it’s the two of you.
The way you speak to your guests. The way you look at each other.
That’s magical. Don’t feel pressured to out-do that.

But sometimes, a bit of a show is a good thing.
It gives you a break from the spotlight. It works as a great icebreaker.
It takes a bright red lipstick and writes GLAMOUR all over the night. 

Think about what the two of you are known for, what your guests like, what fits with your theme. You could invite a sommelier or a professional barista.
A stand-up comedian. Inspirational speaker. Aerial silk performer. Magician.
A friend of mine got a personalized video from his favourite sports star.

Stay creative – and stay tuned for ideas and Toronto-based options!