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How to approach wedding planning

Never had to organize a whole-day event for a big group? Unsure where to begin?

In some ways, wedding planning is like a game of chess: in the beginning everybody tends to follow the same thinking process. So, close your eyes and imagine. Start with the basics. 


Toronto, maybe a place where your parents live, or maybe a destination that’s special to you two? If you live in Toronto, it will be easier to plan a Toronto wedding – and it will be easy on your local guests, too.


Think about the year, season and month to get married – and keep in mind the factors to consider. before you finalize the date of the wedding.

How much can you spend?

Research the costs of the wedding and budget planning, and make budgeting and costs analysis one of your first tasks.

Who will you invite?

Think about your guestlist before you look for a venue. Think about who will realistically come. At this stage, you just need a ballpark number.

What venue will you select?

Look for a venue that fits your vision, with capacity just over your expected number of guests. Venues cannot exceed their capacity to respect fire safety regulations. On the other hand, an oversized venue may be too expensive and a little awkward. Don’t put off venue selection too long – they book up quickly! We’ve checked out dozens of venues in Toronto and summarized our impressions in these reviews.

More Planning Resources

Etc. On your road to your stress-free wedding, these are the key first steps… of many. Feel free to check out our wedding planning timeline that will keep you on track for everything else.

Most importantly, despite all the stresses that come with it, make it a point to enjoy planning your wedding. Wedding planning puts you squarely at the centre of everything. It is a very special feeling. Allow yourself to soak it in.