marry or not?

I know, big question.
It’s a life decision.

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life, so it should be deeply felt. It should feel inevitable. It’s the union of two lives, after all. So you can’t simply check your watch and announce ‘it’s time’. ― Debbie Macomber

Treat this matter with all the seriousness it deserves. No one else can make this decision for you.

Although nobody can make this decision for you, others can help. Others can suggest different ways to think about it. Propose some questions you can ask yourself. Share the perspective of the collective wisdom of the humanity.
We have assembled quite a collection of resources that you may find helpful:

Is he or she the *ONE*?

Ask yourself 10 questions. It’s a deceptively simple task, but it can shine light on the various aspects of your well-being, the well-being of your significant other, and the ways you can contribute to each other’s happiness.

Love is… – quotes about true love

How would you describe your love? Maybe it’s different from day to day, maybe you find it impossible to put this feeling into words. Still your inner thoughts, and listen to the great poets speak of true love.

Marriage is… a promise – quotes about marriage, part 1

Or maybe you already know a thing or two about love. What, then, is a promise of love? When you think about it seriously, this idea is perhaps even more irrational, and even more beautiful, than love itself.

Marriage is… a long conversation – quotes about marriage, part 2

What about the enduring, palpable imprint partners make in each other’ lives? The supportive presence, the feeling of being understood, the freedom to be yourself within the home you are building together. It’ll take years for us to know what that is like… or you can sneak a peek.

Most importantly, despite all the stresses that come with it, make it a point to enjoy planning your wedding. Wedding planning puts you squarely at the centre of everything. It is a very special feeling. Allow yourself to soak it in.