‘Music is the wine that fills the glass of silence.’ Robert Fripp.

Live music is often very effective at creating that special, romantic atmosphere at a wedding. Presence of a talented musician, who is putting their heart and soul into every song just for you, makes every guest feel privileged to be at this very exclusive affair.

Classical music or songs?

The former allows you to connect with the romance soundtracks for centuries before us… And we suggest some excellent and unique classical music pieces that are guaranteed to surprise you with their depth and beauty.

On the other hand, songs have the right words to express the most complicated, nuanced feelings. High-energy, catchy tunes, coupled with a lively delivery, will get your guests up on their feet, dancing and singing along.

How do you select your musicians?

Of course, you have to select live music performers carefully. You have to like their vocals (if any) and their style. Their selection of musical instruments and the performers’ personalities determine the musical genres they play. What genres fit the theme of your wedding? Keep in mind that, when they are performing a cover of a song, the music and the vocals will be similar to the original, but they will not exactly match the original recording.

When you are preparing your day’s program, remember that an exceptional performance takes a lot of energy and hard work, and plan for breaks. Add the cost of amplification equipment to your budget. Find out what songs they know, and try to work with that – it takes a lot of effort for a band to learn a new song.