Captain Matthew Flinders wedding venue

“They were romantics, if you can call someone searching for something as simple as an uncluttered horizon a romantic”. John Kretschmer.

Let the ever-changing cityscape from the Harbourfront to Humber Bay bask in the cool waters. Soak the warm glow of the sun setting over the lake. Captain Matthew Flinders, “grandest ship in Toronto”, welcomes your party of 150 to 575 onboard during the months of May to September. This Australia-built, newly-refurbished tourist ship, named after an Australian sea captain, offers a full range of on-board facilities. With its interior of honey-toned Tasmanian wood and indigo wool carpets, its offers the ultimate in comfort for your reception, dinner, and entertainment.

Captain Matthew Flinders wedding venue

Facilities. The vessel is available for afternoon (11-5) and evening (6-11) time slots for up to 575 persons (standing). The biggest dining area, air conditioned lower deck, seats up to 160 guests at a time. The boat features ample dance floor space with dimmable lights and excellent audio/video set-up, with a retractable screen, LCD projector, and music reaching everywhere.

Suitability. Few venues downtown can rival the versatility of the space and the view. Queen’s Quay is easily reachable by TTC and paid parking is available a few steps away. The venue’s sun decks offer an unparalleled open-air experience while the weather is good, with a comfortable climate-controlled indoor space as a back-up in case of hot or inclement weather. If you’re wondering about the motion of the waters, selecting a bigger ship will help minimize it, but it’s a good idea to see for yourself. Mariposa Cruises often holds public events on this ship – for example, brunch and dinner cruises – where you can have a taste of the experience.

Cost – as of mid-2018. To rent the venue, you will pay charter fee ($7,250 plus tax on a Saturday evening in June – September, with discounts available for afternoon, on Sunday, and in May) plus port authority fees and Socan fees. What’s included in the charter fee? Glassware and furniture (including chiavari chairs), a professional event coordinator and a DJ. The regular duration of the cruise is about 4 hours, with additional time subject to extra charges. The ship offers its own catering with customizable buffet packages, with packages starting as low as $25-$30 per guest, but it is also open to accommodating your choice of caterer at a surcharge.

For more information, check out Mariposa Cruises’ website and get in touch with them for a tour.


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