Heintzman House outside
Heintzman House wedding venue

Built as early as 1798 as a mudhouse (made from hardened mud), and reportedly still partly incorporating this original construction, this is one of the oldest buildings in the Greater Toronto area. Its bright white walls and pillars, portico and gallery, and small French balconies are surrounded by gardens and greenery. An interesting bit of history: the property was built by a United Empire Loyalist, and so the Heintzman House flies the Loyalist Flag –  a unique honour which places it alongside such buildings as Fort York and Queen’s Park.

Heinzman House inside
Heintzman House wedding venue

Inside. The venue breathes luxury with its elegant arches, grand staircase, black walnut wood panels, sunny conservatory, fireplaces, handcrafted furnishings, and its overall understated elegance and airiness. Spacious and charming bridal change room with private bathroom and other rooms are available for you and your party of up to 95 guests to explore, to dance or have cocktails in, or to use as a quiet room for young children. Your ceremony and reception will be held in the grand ballroom and the adjoining conservatory.

Suitability. Heintzman house provides great flexibility. It will work with the vendors you bring, and you will have more control over the costs and the outcome. The venue itself is very photogenic and provides ample photo opportunities. If you want an outdoor ceremony or cocktails, the venue will be your backdrop and back-up. Airy and light conservatory feels like outdoors as well. Ample free parking (60 spots) is included, and the venue manager will be with you on the day of. Do keep in mind that the venue has limited wheelchair accessibility and is not available on Sundays. Proximity to residential areas imposes some limitations on outdoor music and event wrap-up time (midnight).

Costs – as of mid-2018. Rent for a full day until midnight, exclusively for you, on a Saturday between June and September, is $2,300 plus tax. Rent lowers depending on the season – it is $2,000 in May, October, November and December, and $1,800 between January to April). Additionally, up to 40% discount is available if you rent on a Friday. Extra fees may apply for delayed clean-up or early set-up. The venue provides furniture (some tables and chairs) and some tableware. You will bring your own caterer, who will supply linens and specialty tableware. No landmark fee is applicable. You will be making separate arrangements for audio-visual equipment and alcohol (Special Occasion Permit).


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