Wedding bands can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish. Your choice of your wedding band can give your budget a bit of a break… Or you may think it is worth splurging on. Either way, remember, it will be a symbol of your commitment for years to come, and it will come to represent everything that your union means to you. Be sure it is something you like – take some time to choose your wedding band.

Modern metals like tungsten are cool, but ask a lot of questions about the metal you choose. Should your finger size increase over time, will it be possible to re-size the ring? Should you require emergency medical attention, will somebody be able to take the ring off without breaking it? What look do you like – shiny or matte, white or gold or rose gold, solid or patterned, wide or narrow, with or without accent stones? There are many ethnic or symbolic patterns (claddagh, for example) that you might want to consider. A friend of ours has a coin-inspired design engraved on this wedding band, symbolizing his country of origin. Now, that’s cool.