wedding entertainment ideas

Have fun planning for a fun-filled reception!

As your guests enter the venue, they will immediately know that they will be part of something special. The venue is mesmerizingly beautiful. Eye-catching colors of linens and drapery, sparkling glassware, soft flower petals. Dimmed lights. Catering staff in formal wear, moving quietly and respectfully. Delicious selection of food. Abundant champagne. Beautiful dresses and crisp tuxes. You see the event in your mind’s eye. The visuals are flawless. But have you thought about everything?
When was the last time you walked away from a friend’s wedding and thought, ‘Wow, this was fun’? Is that still the wedding you remember most vividly?
Surprisingly, the ‘fun’ part is sometimes a mere afterthought in wedding planning.

Games and Contests.

I’m not going to lie. Even if it’s just your closest friends and family, entertaining a whole crowd is a talent that some (like me!) don’t have. It can be difficult to come up with fail-safe ideas of contests and games that would be guaranteed to get your guests excited. It will be even more difficult to allocate proper time for contests and games. Fun_vasily-koloda-unsplash Image by Vasily Koloda via

Still, think of several ideas. Questions that test your guests’ knowledge about the bride and groom are particularly fitting and, for that reason, common. More unique ideas can be a blast, provided that everyone buys into the game.

Then comes the key question. You need a great MC who can generate enthusiasm, channel everyone’s attention and keep guests entertained. Many couples have a friend who are perfect for the job. You would immediately know this guy or girl – they are always surrounded by people and laughter. They are the heart of every party.

There may be reasons, however, to look for a professional. Like in most things, experience matters. There is a balancing act that involves a spontaneous delivery without talking too much or at the wrong moments. There could be a need to quickly defuse a potentially awkward situation. On the other hand, there shouldn’t be jokes that go a little too far, or too much information being revealed about the bride or the groom.

Master of Ceremonies (MC) is your key entertainer for the day.


Another key entertainment factor is music. You don’t have to invite special performers or other ‘entertainment’, as long as you have the right music, and the right sound level, to get your guests into the right mindset. No, you don’t want your wedding reception to sound like a night club. But, if your guests are getting bored, the right music will get them chair dancing. If there is a contest underway, music can generate excitement for the game. If your guests are getting tired or sleepy, music can gently increase the energy in the room. A wedding DJ is another key player in your wedding day.

A fully professional wedding DJ should be able to gauge the crowd’s interests and mood without much advance explanation from you. However, they would want to know your vision for the day and understand the precise order of events during the day.

Have fun planning for a fun-filled reception!