Wedding Entertainment Ideas



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As your guests enter the venue, they will immediately know that they will be part of something special. The venue is mesmerizingly beautiful. Eye-catching colors of linens and drapery, sparkling glassware, soft flower petals. Dimmed lights. Catering staff in formal wear, moving quietly and respectfully. Delicious selection of food. Abundant champagne. Beautiful dresses and crisp tuxes. You see the event in your mind’s eye. The visuals are flawless. But have you thought about everything?


When was the last time you walked away from a friend’s wedding and thought, ‘Wow, this was fun’? Is that still the wedding you remember most vividly?


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Surprisingly, the ‘fun’ part is sometimes a mere afterthought in wedding planning. Don’t make the mistake of taking fun for granted!

Here are your ingredients for a fun-filled day: