Decision to make your reception an adult only celebration – or not – is a matter of personal choice by the couple. There are strong arguments in favour of either decision. One perspective advocates that a wedding should give adults, including parents, an evening of relaxation from the notorious energy of the little people. On the other hand, especially in our busy lives, parents often feel guilty about leaving children at home on the weekends and enjoy spending festive occasions with them.

If you invite children to your wedding, think about their entertainment.

If you don’t have kids, you may not realize how much ongoing attention they require. When you are inviting your dear friends and family who have children, you may be unwittingly putting them through a dilemma: they want to be there for you, but they don’t want to spend the day worrying about their kids getting bored or causing mischief.

If you want to ensure that your guests – with their children – enjoy your day, then a bit of foresight could go a long way. Think about the ages of children attending, and look for clusters to team up for games. Depending on your venue, it could be hide-and-seek or even a treasure hunt. For more seated entertainment, drawing books always work. Ask them to make their best drawing of the bride, and have prizes for all participants. There is no shortage of fun toys you can buy. Depending on your budget, you may even want to consider hiring a babysitter to look after the children while on the premises.

If you decide to have an adult-only wedding, you will need to tactfully advise guests of this fact. Refer to our Invitations page for some ideas.