Hi guys!

We started TWR as a personal project, seeking to share our wedding-related research with fellow Toronto couples. Our own wedding came and went (and it was AWESOME!), and at the same time we saw an ever-growing stream of visitors turning to these pages for information and ideas. TWR became a labour of love, fueled by our passion to share with you the wonderful wedding options that Toronto area has.

We’re happy that you turn to us for help, and above all, we want to be able to continue being helpful to you, our readers. We also want TWR – unlike many other wedding-planning services – to be free for everyone to use. So, we’d like to tell you about the system of compensation which we recently implemented.

Every time you read a vendor review page or click on a link to vendor website – whether or not you contact the vendor or book with them, and thus at no cost to you – we may be receiving small compensation from the vendor for spreading the word about them. The amount of the compensation thus depends on the popularity of the review and the vendor, as well as other factors. The compensation system is very flexible, which allows us to work with vendors from all walks of life, while covering the costs of our growing team, so that we can keep bringing new and exciting ideas to you.

Although we work closely with vendors to ensure that the information we provide in the reviews is factually correct, and although our reviews strive to highlight each vendor’s strengths, vendors do not dictate what we write in the review. To help your fellow readers, every time you have an experience with a vendor we review, we invite you to share your impressions in the comments. Meanwhile, if you have any comments about the above, please email us at TorontoWeddingResources@gmail.com.

We hope that, on our pages, you will find a lot of useful information. We will help you with your decisions, so you can focus on your love and enjoy your happiness!

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