You’re getting married. Take it seriously and attend to the pre-nup matters… During the nuptials, what happens if you crave Stella and your beloved insists on ordering Somersby? How will you divide the free peanuts? And, after it’s all over, who will be the designated driver?

prenup_buildingBeer lovers! In this gingerbread-looking pub, you’ll get more than just Stella and Somersby. It’s the place where good beer hangs out and meets up with other good brews. Prenup boasts 70 imported beers on tap, with many more served in bottles. Prepare to select your beer like a connoisseur, taking into account its subtle aroma, the quality of its hops, the special brewing process, and a pairing suggestion to the venue’s hearty European-inspired food selection. For details, check out the Prenup website.

Prenup Pub2The ambience takes inspiration from the pub’s European lineage. Crystal chandeliers and golden ceiling moldings, evocative of the Old World theatres, lighten up the solid, chocolate-colored wooden walls, and cheeky boy-shaped water fountains salute Belgium’s most famous statue and its well-known beer culture.

Suitability. This venue is perfect for a down-to-earth reception or an after-party. The roomy upstairs can accommodate up to 120 guests for a seated reception, or up to 150 standing. The pub’s location in downtown Toronto makes it easily accessible by TTC and conveniently close to downtown hotels for out-of-town guests. It is located steps from Queen’s Park, Toronto’s foremost photography backdrop, no less imposing buildings of the St George campus of University of Toronto, and the futuristic architecture of the Royal Ontario Museum (separate photography permits will be required).

Prenup BeerCost – as of April 2018. With Prenup, you won’t need to rent furniture or worry about the alcohol permit. There is no separate charge for the rental of the venue. Instead, the pub has a minimum spend requirement, which varies seasonally (summer minimum being lower than the winter one), and can be as low as $60 per guest for a summer wedding of at least 50 guests.


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