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…A good wine tells a story.

…Once upon a time, a vine found soil. Many things could have gone wrong – like rain or scorching heat – but fortunately, the grapes were happy. The sugars and tannins were going in the right direction, and it was time to take those grapes to the next level. It was an exhausting but exciting process, demanding strong vision, attention to detail, and, equally importantly, faith that everything will go well.

Finally, the happy day is here. The wine is in the barrels. It is beginning to work together, settle and mature. In its early days, it is still rough and angular, but with each day it is becoming more balanced, aromatic and multi-dimensional.

Mad Crush outside
Image by Clayton Cooper, courtesy of Mad Crush

…Your wedding tells a story, too.

…And if you want good wine to be part of that story, check out Mad Crush.

Whether you think that ‘mad crush’ is a cute way to describe your feelings towards your partner, or know Mad Crush as a memoir about good luck and hard work required to pour that great wine into your glass, this bar will help you celebrate in style. Newly opened in Little Italy, the destination neighborhood for the unpretentious foodie, Mad Crush takes your wine experience seriously – and it has the wines, the taste buds, and the creativity to make your wedding a true wine adventure.

Red Room Mad Crush
Image by Clayton Cooper, courtesy of Mad Crush

Inside. The layout of the venue is perfect for a wedding. The ceremony would take place in the sunny Map Room upstairs. Drinks can be served on the covered patio facing College Street. The reception for up to 75 guests (seated meal), or up to 130 guests (standing reception), can take place in the main dining room downstairs. Later, the party can move upstairs, into a room with fittingly bold burgundy walls.

Mad Crush inside
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Designed in the art-deco style of bright romantic colours, with cozy turquoise and gold patterns, and an eclectic variety of lights shimmering in the mirrors, Mad Crush is very photogenic. In addition, it is close to the venerable Queen’s Park, old-fashioned Oddfellows Hall (2 College St), free-spirited Kensington Market, small parks, and even the sunny Harbourfront – all excellent backgrounds to capture the most romantic newlywed moments.

The venue has a 75” TV screen and can accommodate a DJ or live music at an additional cost. Downstairs is fully wheelchair-accessible. The venue is accessible by a TTC streetcar and paid parking / street parking is available nearby.

Wine glasses
Image by Clayton Cooper, courtesy of Mad Crush

Food and wine. Mad Crush offers a playful and dynamic collection of 120 wines, any of which can be available by the glass. The menu, created by European-trained chef Andrew Carter, is inspired by French cuisine and features subtle notes of international influences.

Cost – as of July 2018. If you book the entire venue on a Friday or Saturday evening, there is no venue fee but a minimum spend of $10,000 will apply (plus a mandatory gratuity of 18% and HST). A reception serving canapés, seated dinner and drinks could cost just over $100 per guest (not including gratuity and tax), with the possibility to scale down the cost further for a standing reception with food stations. Further, the cake cutting fee is $30 (i.e., it is not based on the number of guests), and the corkage fee to bring your own bottle is also $30.


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