As soon as you have a vision of your bridal look – even before you buy your dress – it’s time to start thinking about your accessories. These are the many elements that can show off your natural beauty, and influence your choice of the dress.

For example, if you like the look of a long veil, it will influence your dress length.

For example, if you plan to wear a warm bolero or shawl (say, instead of your parka) while outdoors on the day of your winter wedding, then the neckline and the embellishments of your dress should look harmonious with this accessory.

Wedding jewelry is often prominent, even exaggerated, which often looks good with the regal-looking dresses. But of course you can infinitely fine-tune your dress and jewelry selection to match your style and vision. For example, if you were hoping to wear your family’s heirloom jewelry, you’ll probably choose a dress with less embellishments that won’t overpower it.

You may think that special undergarments are meant mostly for sexy and revealing dresses, but they are an invisible element that will make your favorite dress look great. You will appear more shapely, and the fabric will flow better. The right undergarment will help you with your posture and even your energy level through the day. On the other hand, you’ll need to carefully strategize your undergarments. You want to be carefree and spontaneous, you want your wedding day to whizz by in a flash… and you want to be comfortable in your shapewear.