All Things Wedding Dresses

CihanU44 via Pixabay.jpgAh, the wedding dress. I cannot imagine a bride who does NOT care about her wedding dress… Most brides could talk about their dresses endlessly!

But there is one topic we’d like to tackle up front.

Wedding dress shopping can bring out our insecurities and blow our budget.

Although wedding dresses are beautiful, some brides find that it’s a little tricky to find a wedding dress that makes us feel great about ourselves…

A wedding gown is a unique kind of garment, completely different from anything else we’ve ever worn. Let’s see… How often do we wear all white (or off-white)? How often do we wear exquisite garments designed to attract lots of attention?

If you’re like most of us, not often.

We just don’t know what type of a wedding dress would look good on us. We end up trying a lot of dresses that don’t flatter us, and – body-conscious garments that they are – they may even make us feel bad about ourselves. I mean, these dresses are gorgeous – so why don’t we always look gorgeous in them? In fact, if the first couple dresses we tried were a little disappointing, we may get a little confused and even unsure what ‘looking good’ in a wedding dress means!

So we may buy a dress we’re not completely in love with… maybe we like the way it looks on the mannequin, maybe we’ve tried a handful and this one ‘doesn’t look bad’, maybe it’s one of few dresses we can squeeze ourselves into… 

We get a little unhappy and do some soul-searching… and then start looking for another, blowing through the budget and running out of time.

Stock Snap gowns via PixabayHopefully it’s not you, and you’ve come here in time to learn from our mistakes. Or maybe it is you – in which case you’re definitely not the only one.

Whatever your situation, if you don’t yet have a dress that makes you feel on top of the world, do your research and know that a perfect gown is out there somewhere! Don’t rush buying. Figure out the lead times to get a new dress shipped and altered, and use the time you have wisely. Keep looking for that perfect dress!