all things wedding dresses… and more!

Ah, the wedding dress. I cannot imagine a bride who does NOT care about her wedding dress… Most brides could talk about their dresses endlessly!

It’s the most exquisite garment we will have ever worn. It’s a dream come true. A wedding dress makes a girl look and feel like royalty.
Sometimes, though, it brings out insecurities. Some dresses may not look right, others may not feel right. The color of the dress may not work with our skin tone. The silhouette may have been designed for a different body type. And suddenly, wedding dress shopping is not so much fun any more.
Just like your perfect partner was out there… there is also your perfect dress out there. It may not do the dishes, but it will bring out your unique beauty for everyone to admire.
Start with lookbooks online, but pay attention to the models’ body types. Are they taller than you? Do they have curves similar to you? How does the dress make their body look more shapely and proportionate? Understand the different types of wedding dresses, and how dresses work with different body types. Get an idea of what you like and what works on you – but remain open to suggestions of professionals. Celebrity brides also provide great inspiration. See our celebrity trends from 2018 and iconic wedding dresses of 2018.

Take your best cheerleaders and try some dresses in a bridal salon. Bridal assistants often have a great eye for picking the right dress, so go with their suggestions, and take this time to ask questions. At the same time, be prepared to look elsewhere. From custom wedding dresses to unique sellers, you have options to keep searching, so don’t worry. Focus on all the accomplishments and strengths, all the things that people love about you, and be kind to yourself.

For each option you are considering, though, keep in mind the lead times. It will certainly take months to get a custom dress done, but bridal salons also have a process that takes a long time to complete.

Of course, there is more to beauty than a garment. Accessories, veil, jewelry, undergarments are all players on the team ‘beautiful bride’. Once you have your dress, you may start thinking about a way to jazz it up with a cape or another accessory, or smooth down the flow with a nice undergarment. It would also be a good time to consider a veil or a unique hair accessory. Don’t forget jewelry!

You may fall in love with several dresses, in which case you could make them all work throughout the day. That would be a lovely way to show off your fashion sense and mark the different parts of the day. If you choose to do so, remember that each dress would need separate styling, and remember to reserve a time and place during the day for the outfit change and have your bridesmaids at the ready.

Happy wedding dress shopping!