What’s happening is unprecedented on many levels. Loss of life, loss of income and livelihood, loss of freedom, loss of sanity. But Covid brides and grooms are grieving in their own way, largely invisibly to the rest of the world, and my heart is bleeding for you.

It should be a uniquely happy time. It should be the time to live your dreams. It should be the time to enjoy the people you love, standing by your side, wishing you the best of happiness. Once-in-a-lifetime event. And, worrying for everyone’s safety, you’re robbed of that careless happiness.

Due to a legal loophole, you may also have lost money. Money, that was supposed to make you happy, vanished into some black hole that promises very little by way of happiness right now. Yes, it’s money that you were prepared to part with, but it’s also money that you might need as a young couple embarking on your life together, right now when the very ground we stand on seems quite shaky. You might even notice regretting some of your earlier decisions.

You wouldn’t wish this to your worst enemy, yet your pleas for sympathy may fall on deaf ears among your dearest friends. With ample causes for anxiety everywhere, and social distancing to keep our loved ones safe, you probably feel alone in your pain. And I am very sorry that the stars aligned this way for you.

We all know that life presents itself, with all its flaws, and we roll with the punches. We all know that, when there are no solutions, we need to find strength. And I know that you have the strength. As a couple, turn to each other and celebrate all the ways that you make each other stronger, wiser and better. All the ways that make yours a great union, so that you can live on to tell the tale.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. And I admire you.


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