Bridal jewelry can be a bit of an afterthought in the complexity of wedding planning. But it shouldn’t be. Of the different types of jewelry for a bride to consider, we suggest you start with earrings.

You often hear that earrings are the bride’s most important accessory. Earrings will be the stars of your wedding pictures. Cherry on top of your wedding dress, they will draw attention to your face, harmoniously complementing your dress without ‘too much bling’ and balancing out the expanse of fabric underneath.

Once you’ve picked out your dress, earrings should be the first accessory to set your eyes on… unless you prefer necklaces or hair jewelry, in which case we have a great article about bridal jewelry.

So, let’s talk about selecting a pair of earrings that will give your eyes a sparkle and make your face look flawless. Your earrings make you even more beautiful on your wedding day… and every day!

A little thought experiment to start. Imagine Diana Spencer, Angelina Jolie and Blake Lively on the pictures above… but without the earrings. Sure, they’d probably still be pretty… but I think we can all agree that earrings help them look damn good.

What’s so magical about earrings?

It’s all about how we perceive things, actually.

If you look below, do you see a bunch of circles and squares, or do your see red and white lines? Don’t focus on the image, rather, look a little past it… just like you would look at the faces in a crowded subway.

similarity-color-over-shape-smashing magazine.pngWhether we like it or not, our brain parses through the visual world looking for meaning. When an object is partially hidden from our view, seeing it as a whole object is much more useful than seeing it as an assembly of bits. It certainly makes it easier to navigate unknown spaces. In order to be so helpful to us, our brain is wired to see past individual objects, organize similar elements into patterns, and analyze patterns for meaning.

When you put on jewelry, the same thing happens. The brain will perceive shiny dots around your face just like the random red shapes on the screen – as part of a meaningful pattern.

Sparkly diamonds or crystals resemble the sparkle in our eyes. Pearls romanticize the whites of our eyes, bringing out their luminescence to a magnetic effect. When we see large, noticeable earrings, our eyes begin scanning the nearby visual field for similar objects – and immediately identify the eyes.

That’s the magic of how earrings bring out the eyes.

Earrings also add width to your face, rounding it out. They frame a horizontal pattern with your eyes and pearly white teeth, making the center of your face a magnet for the eyes.

In sum, earrings are a non-invasive and all-around fun way to bring out your natural beauty, and most beautiful brides take their earrings seriously. So should you. Whether you wear them every day or not, we think that your earring decision will be an important part of your bridal style.

Selecting the earrings worthy of your wedding day

Let’s start with this. Pick whatever you love and whatever makes you feel confident and happy. Your wedding day will be a long and important day, and you don’t want to wear earrings that are uncomfortably heavy, feel out of character, or be under pressure to overspend your budget. With so much choice out there, don’t buy anything unless you absolutely LOVE it.

That said, how do you navigate the multitude of options?. Gold, silver, pearl, diamonds or crystals, colorful gemstones, and a great variety of shapes and looks. We have some tips on harmonizing your earrings with your facial features and your desired bridal look.

Selecting the earrings by size – based on your facial features.

Dainty faces, such as Meghan Markle and Sharon Stone, look great in subtle earrings. On the contrary, faces with prominent features, such as Oprah or Beyonce, are flattered by larger jewelry.

How do you know what category your face would fall into?

A dainty face will probably have:

  • rounded, oval shape
  • small, narrow, slightly upturned nose
  • thin lips, shy smile
  • pointy chin
  • a bit of an unbalanced look when wearing big earrings.

More prominent facial features could be:

  • overall length of breadth,
  • large, long, or broad nose
  • wide cheekbones
  • thick lips and big smile
  • wide chin
  • big, voluminous hair
  • a little overwhelming towards small, subtle earrings, so that the earrings go unnoticed.

Selecting the earrings by shape – based on your facial features.

Earrings come in various shapes: circles (studs, hoops, or drop earrings), lines (dangling earrings), and geometrical / complex shapes (squares, triangles, chandeliers, crawlers or chain earrings).

The shape of the earrings highlights other things of the similar shape, while the positioning of the earrings highlights the part of the face or neck nearby. Choose the shape of your earrings strategically to counter-balance the shape of your face:

  • if you have a long or angular face, choose rounded earrings;
  • if you have a round face, choose any shape other than the circle.

To position your earring height strategically:

  • Wear earrings higher (such as crawler, cartilage or chain earrings) to draw attention to your eyes;
  • Pick earrings that highlight your ear lobe to show off your beautiful smile
  • Choose long earrings to emphasize your neck, jawbones and bare shoulders

Selecting the earrings by color – to complement your eyes

Some colored gemstones make your eyes more bright and noticeable by complementing their color. The trick is not necessarily to find earrings identical in color to your eyes, but to zero in onto similar or complementary undertones for a subtle and surprising effect.


Blue eyed beauties look great in blue and green.


Lucky girls with hazel eyes! They look stunning with pinks, corals, and purples, in addition to the blues and the greens.


Most people have brown eyes, with richness of chocolate or lightness or honey. Brown eyes go very well with gold, orange, tan and black – and also certain shades of green and blue.


Finally, grey eyes go especially well with grey, black, white and translucent.

Selecting earrings based on your wedding dress, other accessories, and hairstyle.

Most of the advice in this article will be helpful for your everyday style, but the one thing that will define your style as a bride will be your wedding dress. Unlike the functional clothes of Mareedesign via Pixabaythe day-to-day, your wedding dress will be designed to steal the show and draw all the eyes on you. You’ll want to respect that in your choice of earrings.

RULE 1. Non-competition with the dress or accessories.

Earrings often compete with the dress and other accessories in terms of ‘bling’. which looks unbalanced and a bit ‘busy’.

Select smaller earrings if:

  • your dress has a high neckline
  • if you are wearing a cape or another accessory that raises the neckline
  • you are wearing a necklace or a prominent hair accessory

Go for larger earrings if:

  • your dress and other clothing reveals a low neckline
  • if your dress or other clothing has less elaborate bodice
  • you are not wearing a necklace or a prominent hair accessory

RULE 2. Competition with hair.

Earrings flatter hair and neck, so you will want your earrings to be visible through your hair.

  • If you will wear your hair in a formal updo, earrings will be more noticeable and even smaller ones will go a long way.
  • Conversely, if your hair will be done in a more loose, bohemian style, earrings will be more likely to get lost behind the hair, and you may need more prominent size to achieve the same effect.

RULE 3. Use the echoes.

  • If your dress or hair has a floral or geometrical element that you like, echo that in your earrings.

Selecting earrings based on your body type.

The shape of the earrings can counter-balance not only the shape of your face, but also your body type.

  • Taller ladies tend to look more grounded with round earrings.
  • Shorter ladies get a very flattering, elongated look with long, dangling earrings.





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