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Celebrities are a wealth of fashion and beauty inspiration, even when they don’t get married… Behind the scenes of any interview, movie scene, or red carpet appearance, there is a true team effort to scale the pinnacle of flawlessly executed style. Best designer dresses money can buy, hard-working stylists, and the ruthless competition for attention in the celebrity world… yes, it’s hard not to pay attention to celebrity fashion.

But when celebrity brides dress for an event as special as their own wedding, the creativity and personal touches always translate into latest trends and cutting-edge fashion.

And we want to know more. Celebrity wedding looks reverberate through conversations, magazines, and blogs (oh, hi there!) for years.

We’ve talked about the most iconic brides and most memorable wedding dresses of 2018. Here, let’s talk about the latest trends in celebrity wedding dresses. Three themes ruled the year: stunning versatile capes, sporty party looks, and timeless elegance of vintage romantic.

Note. The dresses are, mostly, custom made by high-end designers, and designer names and price tags tend to be public knowledge. But we don’t want this article to be about something that’s inaccessible to most of us. Not everyone can afford haute couture, but everyone can take inspiration, become more creative with bridal fashion, and find great style at the right price point.


A super(wo)man’s best friend, a modern variant on the veil, and a clothing symbol of clout, power and royalty. But have you thought of a cape as an utterly romantic accessory? You will, now that it took bridal fashion by a storm.

Serena Williams, Kaley Cuoco and Chanel Iman have shown how versatile, stylish and different this accessory looks.

The trend was started by Serena Williams. The tennis superstar walked down the aisle to marry her husband, a co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanian, two months after giving birth to their baby girl.

For the occasion, Serena wore a snow-white strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a puffy skirt. A cathedral-length studded cape with a choker clasp gently glided down her shoulders, arms, and skirt. Restrained use of adornments and bling transformed her otherwise very feminine dress into a very dignified, almost regal look.

Kaley Cuoco cape E-online
via E! Online

Kaley Cuoco, actress known from Big Bang Theory, married equestrian Karl Cook wearing a brightly embroidered spaghetti strap dress and a long lace cape with matching embroidery.

Although Kaley’s dress and cape are quite similar to Serena’s, the look and feel is completely different. Kaley isn’t regal. She’s princess-like. Youthful and playful. Flowery lace, strings that tie in a little bow around her neck, and wisps of her blonde hair framing her face – it all envelops Kaley with cuteness of a young girl, walking through the forest to bring food to her grandma.

chanel_iman_Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Chanel Iman, fashion model who collaborated with Victoria’s Secret and other brands, married a New York Giants player Sterling Shepard.

For her wedding dress, Chanel chose a low V-neck sleeveless sheath dress with a wide open back, studded with applique flowers and a thin belt. For the ceremony, Chanel covered her shoulders and back with a waist-long cape with petal edges, and paired it with a classic veil look for a complex, layered look. The combination of the low-cut neckline and the cape created a very unusual diamond shape that showed off Chanel’s bosom in the most fetching way.

Chanel’s look is neither regal nor princess-like. She’s neither serious nor playful. The petal edges, along with floral lace, convey the image of delicate femininity.

The cape, of course, is only one in the list of versatile bridal accessories that you could use for your unique bridal style.

Sporty second look.

Kayla Raer Reid via

When it’s time to party, you don’t want to be caught in restrictive, heavy, over-the-top kind of clothes… even if you’re the bride. Or, should we say, especially because you are the bride!

Remember Solange Knowles’ wedding look? It took some time, but today we can present to you the most stunning jumpsuit bridal looks courtesy of recent celebrity brides.

For their rehearsal dinner, Ryan Lochte’s bride, Kayla Rae Reid, went for silver heels and a dressy jumpsuit with a high neck and open back, sheer textured long sleeves and our favorite: embroidered chapel tulle train.

Kaley Cuoco jumpsuit via Vogue Australia
via Vogue Australia

Kaley Cuoco‘s afterparty look (left) featured a low-decollete flower lace jumpsuit with petal edge deep V neckline, long sleeves and flared lace pants.

Sophie Turner via Marie Claire
via Marie Claire

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner married singer Joe Jonas just earlier this month. The spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding, which will be followed by a more formal wedding ceremony in France, was officiated by an Elvis impersonator, and Sophie was dressed in a jumpsuit and a veil.

Vintage romantic.

The timeless chic of a vintage romantic bride continues to carry the day as brides reconnect with tradition to face the future. Vintage style romanticizes the past. Often with a modest, perhaps even humble look, vintage harkens back to the times when when time flowed gracefully, and beauty was all about natural, feminine grace.

Alejandra Silva via Courtesy Ale Instagram via
Via Instagram

Let’s start with Richard Gere’s bride, Alejandra Silva. As if wrapped up into a soft warm cloud, this bride whispers of romance. Delicately sheer bodice fizzes richly patterned and effervescent lace; gentle petals of the fabric hug the forearms like the waves of her French braid; golden bangle bracelets circle the wrist like miniature sashes.

The dress isn’t showy, although certainly has the glamour of old Hollywood. The spectrum of texture, from ultra-sheer to multi-layered, brings out the dreamy, almost ethereal presence, perfectly suited for the romantic, pastoral setting of the wedding venue.

Via Vanity

British actress known from Rogue One and The Theory of Everything, Felicity Jones married film director Charles Gourd in the consummate vintage gown, with ruffle neck overflowing into a stream of pearl buttons in the front, back, and the sleeves with trellis embroidery. Sheer fabric of the sleeves and chest transitions into a sweetheart corset and evolves into a thin sash and a bow before continuing into a sheath type skirt.

The dress looks almost medieval, and is certainly one of the more unique takes on vintage style that we’ve ever seen in celebrity bridal fashion.

Rose Leslie via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington – whom we can best picture in the medieval settings of the Game of Thrones – chose vintage style for their wedding as well. With white flowers adorning her hair and rich floral embroidery on her matte white dress, the bride looked very romantic amid the greenery in Scottish castle owned by the bride’s father. Rose lightly accessorized with a thin belt, subtle star-shaped earrings and a completely sheer veil so as to keep the eyes on the high neckline and a V-shaped back.

via Guest of a
Mandy Moore via Twitter
via Twitter

Countess Tessa Grafin von Walderdorf, heiress to the German nobility and an American socialite, married Barron Hilton, heir to the Hilton hotel empire, in a beautifully adorned ivory dress. The little beading sprinkled throughout the otherwise sheer illusion neckline and sleeves added pixie dust texture, and the voluminous tulle skirt rounded out the unusual and beautiful style of this ivory dress.

Singer and This is Us actress Mandy Moore married singer Taylor Goldsmith in an ethereal pink dress with subtle polka dots, ruffles, drapes and layers culminating into an exquisite flower on her waist. This unusual sheath dress is very sculptural, with horizontal layers of the skirt and vertical flow of the tulle and the neckline ruffles. The bride paired the dress with pink tulle veil and blush crystal buckle heels.

Having taken in all this inspiration, are you ready to be creative with your bridal style? Custom-made dresses are a popular way to implement your bridal vision, but it’s a big undertaking. You’ll want to approach this project with your eyes open. Avoid the pitfalls of custom-made wedding dresses with us!


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