Some brides try on a bunch of wedding dresses… and just don’t like the way they look in Jerzy Gorecki via Pixabaythem. Or worse. They get stressed, purchase a dress, don’t like it, and continue shopping. There goes the budget, the time, and our self-confidence.

It’s understandable. Every girl wants to look especially beautiful on her wedding day. 

First off, please don’t stress about it. Stress is never a friend, but in this case it’s also unnecessary.

Let me ask you. Have you ever seen a bride who wasn’t beautiful? I can tell you I have not. Even if you do nothing special – say, you show up wearing your street clothes and some basic makeup (or no makeup at all) – it’s your wedding day, you’re loved, happy and surrounded by people who care about you. Everyone will bask in the glow of your warmth and you’ll be the most beautiful girl in the room!

Yet… somehow when others tell us that we’re beautiful, we don’t quite believe them… do we? We readily accept a criticism. Real or imagined. But never a compliment.

What is beauty? Isn’t it – what we’d like to look like? Isn’t it defined by whatever we don’t have? If I have healthy hair and big eyes – then true beauty must reside in the oval face that I don’t have… And even my okay-looking hair and eyes pale in comparison to some other girls. For each positive thing about ourselves, we quickly think of others who are even better than us.

Unfortunately, if we fall into thinking that we aren’t beautiful, we sometimes put a large portion of our disposable income – give or take a little debt – on the line, pay the price in self-respect, and sometimes even compromise our health.

Wedding dresses can be particularly tricky. A wedding gown is a unique kind of garment, completely different from anything else we’ve ever worn.

Rondell Melling via PixabayRead our inspirational quotes on loving yourself. And hear us when we say it. Whatever you wear, you will be the most beautiful girl in the room.

So, what do you do?

  • Bridal consultants often have an uncanny ability to pick a dress that will look great. It may not be what you had in mind. Trust your consultant.

  • Remember that you can’t tell what a dress will look like on you, until you actually try it. Don’t judge a dress by the way it looks on a hanger – or on someone else. Don’t pre-judge a dress just because all the other, different ones you have already tried, did not look right.
  • Don’t rush into a decision if you don’t know, in your heart, that you’ll be happy with it. You may still have time to find another dress. Different designers have different lead times, and someone else may be better able to work with your timeline.
  • Remember that dresses are like people. No dress is perfect, but some are much better for you than others.

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