Undergarments for a Flawless Bride

lacy dressAh the wedding dress, the single garment tasked to make us look perfect and bestow on us all the confidence in the world!

Indeed, modern wedding dresses are made in most flattering styles. They emphasize the length and hourglass shape, they project luxury and innocence, they show just enough skin – so that any groom will long for a minute alone with his bride… to take a closer look. A well-chosen wedding dress will make any girl feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Wedding dresses have little helpers. It’s called shapewear. And women of all body shapes should consider investing in it for that flawless look on their special day.

Why you may – but shouldn’t – be reluctant to try shapewear.

Shapewear has gotten a bit of a bad rap. Some women think that it’s an invitation for them to suffer and sacrifice. That if only they can endure enough pressure, it could change their anatomy. Others know from unfortunate experience that ill-chosen shapewear these can be sweaty, restrictive and a struggle to get in. It could be something that you put on – and start counting moments until you can peel it off.

With more realistic expectations, it doesn’t have to come with so much hardship. Start by embracing who you are. Then – once you learn about the advantages of shapewear – you may find that you wholeheartedly embrace it.

Love yourself and still look awesome in shapewear.

Let’s get one thing clear. No one should be bullied into wearing shapewear. No one should wear it because they dislike something about their body or need to hide it.

Let me ask you this… do you wear a bra? If so, do you wear it because you hate your bosom? I hope not – a woman’s chest is one of the most attractive features imaginable. Feminine and soft, warm and vulnerable – yet it’s the ultimate life-affirming and life-giving essence! It is something to cradle and protect… and yes, subtly, present to the world.

confidence raw pixel via unsplashSame should go for your whole body. As a woman, you’re not defined by your weight, your shape, or your imperfections. We have a great post about loving ourselves that we keep coming back to again and again to think positively.

Shapewear will not change your body type – and that’s a great thing! All body types are beautiful when properly framed by clothes. So start by looking for a dress that flatters you. Rely on your dress to counter-balance your features to achieve the most proportionate, symmetrical look. Next, reach for shapewear to make sure that the dress fits and flows perfectly and help you keep straight posture. Yes, forget discomfort – shapewear can help you with sore back at the end of the day!

This is a key distinction – don’t look to shapewear to change your body so you can look good in a particular dress. Don’t think to yourself, “this dress will be prefect if I wear shapewear“. Think “this dress is flattering my face and my figure, but I need to make sure it flows smoothly”.

Selecting your bridal shapewear.
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Shapewear uses technologically advanced fabrics to give you great hold and maximum comfort. Quality of the fabric determines how well, and how long, shapewear will work for you – and the best quality fabric can be pricey.

It makes sense to pay for good quality. Higher-end models are made with more durable fabrics, better stretch, and more comfort. They won’t ride up your legs, shift along your body, or make you uncomfortably warm. They are lightweight and beautiful. It’s an investment that will recoup itself. Just like your jewelry, you will keep using it on special occasions (or even everyday wear!) long after the wedding.

Luckily, you can narrow down your choices to one piece only, and splurge on that.

Choose the style carefully as well. You want to cover all the body parts that you want supported, but no more than that, because you don’t want too much compression all over you. You also want to choose something that works with your existing wardrobe so that you’re likely to use again.

  • For a sleeker dress, such as a sheath, full-body shapers or control full slips are the closest you will get to a one-stop solution. They do have strapless or convertible varieties to accommodate various necklines, and even open-bust types to wear with a plunging neckline. revealing dress via pinterest

  • For back and posture support, consider a body briefer (something that looks like a one-piece swimsuit) or an upper arm shaper that stretches across the back.

  • Worried about an overly revealing illusion dress? Consider nude bodysuit shapewear underneath.

  • Running out of time to tone up your arms the old-fashioned way? Upper arm shapers to the rescue!

Choose the hold level carefully. Firmer control level will give you more hold. Extra-firm hold is sometimes recommended for special occasions, but it is more likely to cost you some comfort. On the other hand, for more comfort, select moderate control garments.

Wearing shapewear.

Practice putting it on and taking bathroom breaks while wearing it. Shapewear is not something you put on in a hurry, frantically stretching the fabric in all directions for the least lopsided look. Every time it stretches, it loses some of its hold. So, the more control the undergarment offers, the more patience it will require. There generally is a proper sequence of steps for easiest use and greatest durability of the fabric, and you will want to find out what it is. For example, always step into shapewear, rather than pulling it over your head (unless it’s a control tank).


Bra Maddi Bazzocco UnsplashWhile we’re on the topic, let’s touch on our bra. Often brides find themselves in the market for a new bra for their wedding. And now that you know how important shapewear can be for your overall look, let’s emphasize that a bra is the ultimate shapewear. A good bra will enhance your posture and smooth appearance. A good bra will separate your breasts while containing them, feel smooth on your shoulders, and stay put below the breasts.

Sometimes it seems so much more tricky to find a good convertible or strapless bra for special-occasion wear. Give yourself time, because you certainly don’t want to compromise on fit, and consider the following options:

  • strapless corset is a perfect combination of bra and shapewear that will elevate your body with grace while providing all the support even most full-bosomed ladies need.

  • as a variation on the above, long-line bra provides smoothing below the bosom and keeps you comfortable with its wide band that engenders support across a larger space.

  • if your dress allows it, consider a seamed bra. It’s not as smooth as the seamless bra, but it adds lift and structure that are achieved specifically by the seams.

  • minimizer bras reduce the breasts’ forward projection by shifting the breast mass toward the underarm, reducing your bra size by a cup or so.

  • if it’s a strapless or backless dress and a bra may not be on the cards, ask your seamstress to look into sewing cups right into your dress. She may even be able to take a favorite bra of yours and repurpose its cups for utmost comfort.



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