tunnel-Foundry via PixabayDid it ever occur to you that an escape room is a perfect place for a proposal?

Together, you experience the real-life thrill of a video game style adventure. The city, the country, the entire world counts on your little team for its survival and well-being. You give it all you’ve got, frantically searching for clues, waiting for the next prompt, adrenaline surging through your blood. You’re smart, you get lucky, you intuit the answers and hi-five all around. It seems the world may slumber safely again…

And then – just as your partner senses the successful completion of the mission – suddenly there’s one last puzzle to solve. It’s surprisingly personal. It takes a minute for them to switch gears… And voila – a ring. A note ‘will you marry me?’ Flowers and candles. The adrenaline spike gives way to a warm embrace. What a day it’s been!

And the best part – you didn’t have to prepare that much! Just talk to the manager and find out what they can do for you.

Still, consider making the following arrangements:

  • Play the game without your partner first. You want to ensure it is suitable for a romantic setting – and also understand how it can be customized.
  • Consider a good time in the game to propose. You want to do it late enough in the game, so that you can finish the game – but not so late that you may run out of time.
  • jackie-tsang-466301-unsplashLet the escape room staff know that you plan to propose, and when. They will be able to ensure nothing unexpected delays the proposal and you guys don’t run out of time.
  • Discuss any game customization requests with the escape room staff. Some rooms are more amenable to customization than others.
  • Ask if you can have more time for pictures after the game is over.
  • Consider where to go for celebratory snacks, cake, or cocktails. The escape room may be able to accommodate some of that as well.

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