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Would you consider getting married in a City Hall?


The ultimate no-frills wedding, a city hall wedding is a popular alternative for couples with a small guestlist, short time to plan, and a small budget. Perhaps you’re a spontaneous couple who just decided to get married… now. Perhaps you are planning an elaborate wedding abroad, or want your cat to be your officiant, but you wouldn’t mind being legally married in Ontario as well. Perhaps you’re just two shy, private people who do not like many eyes on you. If you have 15 to 40 guests, here are the most affordable ways to get married.

Below is our quick comparison chart. The information and the prices are accurate as of November 2018.

Location Ca-pa-city Price Officiant Open for cere-mony Booking Comments
Toronto City Hall 15 $270 for 30 mins Included with the package. Mon – Sat Phone or in-person. Payment due at time of booking

Allows one re-booking*

Weekends booked up a month ahead as of Nov 2018.

Price non-refundable. Food / drinks not allowed.
North York Civic Centre 40 $117 for 30 mins Officiant not included. Mon- Sat Book online:**. Price non-refundable. Food / drinks not allowed.
Scarborough Civic Centre 22 $117 for 30 mins Officiant not included. Mon- Sat Book online:**. Price non-refundable. Food / drinks not allowed.
York Civic Centre 40 $117 for 30 mins Officiant not included. Mon- Sat Book online:**. Price non-refundable. Food / drinks not allowed.
Mississauga wedding chapel 38 $89 for 30 mins for the space.

$294 for officiant.

Officiants included. Initial consultation with officiant included. Mon- Sat Phone.


$194 can be refunded if cancellation.

Food / drinks not allowed.

Brampton – Alderlea – downstairs 30 $400 for 75 mins.

Additional $5 if taking photos outside

Included in the package (no opt-out) Mon only. Phone.

Weekends booked up a month ahead as of Nov 2018.

Food / drinks not allowed.
Brampton – Alderlea – entire venue 120 $400 +tax for 4 hrs Mon–Thur.

$600+tax for 4 hrs Fri – Sun.

No extra charge for photos

Officiant not included 7 days a week. Phone


Only one wedding at a time.

Food (champagne etc) may be available through one of the preferred caterers: TK, Feast your eyes, Aura by Cashew & Clive)

Toronto Wedding Chapel 6 $199 +tax (cheapest package) Officiant is included. Mon – Thur only Book by phone. Lit candles are allowed and included in the décor.
Toronto Wedding Chapel up to 33 15 guests, 30 mins – $299+tax

33 guests, 1 hour – $550+tax

Officiant is included. Mon – Sat (winter).

7 days a week (summer)

Book by phone.

Weekends booked up a month ahead as of Nov 2018.

Lit candles are allowed and included in the décor.

Champagne and desserts – or full catering packages – see below. Photography packages – see below.

All of these providers have the basics covered: fresh flowers in the room, sound equipment to hook your iPad into, chairs and table for witnesses to sign the paperwork. All of them are available for a ceremony on weekdays and on Saturdays, but most aren’t on Sundays. Most of them can be booked on a fairly short notice even during the busiest wedding season. Most do not allow changes of dates, so it is advisable240_F_1364252_tmAAhQwKpDEFl8sk8MNGme1t8VNume to confirm the availability of your other suppliers (especially the officiant) before booking. Most of them give you a fairly short time slot for your ceremony (30 minutes in many cases), so this is not the place to be fashionably late. Consider how you will be getting to the ceremony location – some are very accessible by TTC, but not reliably so when driving.

Another note that may clarify some confusion: many of the same City Clerk’s Offices also issue marriage licenses. You are not required to apply for a license in the same city where you plan to have your wedding ceremony – just like you would with any other venue.

There are some differences between the providers:

Toronto City Hall (100 Queen St W, phone 416-363-0316).

*Allows one re-booking (change of date) or booking can be put on hold (if no date yet), provided that if the original ceremony date was on the weekend, notice has to be given at least 2 weeks before the ceremony date.

North York Civic Centre (5100 Yonge St, phone 416-392-7036)

Scarborough Civic Centre (150 Borough Dr, phone 416-392-7036)

York Civic Centre (2700 Eglinton W, phone 416-392-7036)

**Calendar is open for approximately 3 months ahead (more or less depending on the season)

Mississauga Wedding Chapel (301 Burnhamthorpe Rd, phone 905-615-4100)

Book officiant with City Clerk’s office, 605-615-3200 x5446. Book chapel at 905-615-4100.

Brampton – Alderlea downstairs

Book through city Clerk’s Office, 905-874-2101. 9am, 10.30am, 12pm, 1.30pm, 3pm slots.

Brampton – Alderlea whole venue

There are several rooms available for the ceremony, with the largest one offering capacity of 120 when arranged in theater-style seating. The room of your choice will be set up for you. Bridal suite is included.

Toronto Wedding Chapel (2 Lola Rd, near Yonge & Eglinton, phone 416-487-9800)

Multilingual officiants are available (French Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese). By the way, a ceremony in non-official language will still result in a legal marriage in Canada – it does not have to be in English or French. Officiants also can be either non-denominational or religious (Christian ministers and Jewish rabbis). 2 witnesses can be made available if eloping.

If you’re looking to break the bubbly on the spot… this is your spot. Package with champagne service, cocktails, desserts and fruits for 25 guests, incl 2 hrs in the chapel – $1299+tax+gratuity ($35/additional person, up to max 33 guests). Package with full catering and customizable menus also available.

Professional photography can be added at approx cost of $200/hour.



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