What would you do if you were 23 years old and madly in love, if you spent a year paying off an engagement ring worth $1700 US and planned an elaborate proposal, only to have your girlfriend break up with you a month before the proposal?

Steven Crocker's engagement ringA young man, Steven Crocker, inspired the internet with a humble facebook post offering to give away his ring to a deserving couple for free. He realized that “no amount of money coming to me would make me feel better,” but making someone else’s dream come true would. “I don’t want to give it away to just anyone. I want to give it to a guy or girl who is so in love with their significant other and wants to take the next step but cannot afford a ring.”

“It’s nice to hear about people having someone who has stuck by their side through hard times, or if they met in a unique way by chance. There are very different stories and it’s nice to hear that not everything has to happen online nowadays.”

And the beautiful gesture proved to be a gift that keeps on giving. People have reached out to Crocker to say they were inspired by his post to find meaningful ways to part with their unused engagement rings. Indeed, in life, every end is a new beginning!

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