Wine is a great way to put everyone in good spirits. It will be a big part of your wedding meal.  But even couple of bottles per table will add up very quickly. Why is it so expensive?

Make your own wine with Fermentations

If you buy alcohol from your catering provider,
the price includes their mark-up.
If you buy alcohol from LCBO, the price includes government “sin tax”.

If you don’t like the surcharges of either option… Here’s an idea. Make your own wine!

Fermentations on Danforth (near Broadview) will make it very easy for you. They hand-pick local, as well as international, grapes and give you excellent advice as to selection.

For example, did you know that local grape growers had a fabulous harvest in 2016? This hot summer was exactly what these guys needed to shine. Fermentations also offers premium options.

In terms of price, 30 bottles of wine made from grape juice will cost you just $200, and 26 bottles of wine made from grapes will cost you $220. The price does not include bottles and labels, which would add another $50 or so to your bill.  Since you are making it yourself, you can have personalized labels (for example, an engagement picture and your names) on your bottles.

They also can make beer, ciders, and mead.

It will require a bit of planning to serve your own wine at your reception. Here’s a checklist of things to keep in mind:

  • Ensure your venue allows you to bring your own wine, and find out any corkage fees that would apply.
  • Start the wine-making process as early as you can. It takes about 2-4 months to make wine from grapes, and at least 7 weeks to make wine from grape juice – and that does not take into account its ageing process. When you buy wine at LCBO, it is usually a couple years old.
  • Apply for a Special Occasion Permit at the LCBO a few weeks in advance of your event, and don’t forget to bring the SOP with you to the reception.

If you’ve missed the opportunity to prepare the wine early enough for your party, maybe you can still offer unique wedding favours? Ask Fermentations for smaller gift bottles, put your personalized labels, and suggest that your guests enjoy the wine on your wedding’s first anniversary.


Happy drinking!

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